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So, you clicked on this page because you wanted to find out more about Mr Saxby’s Red Apple. Well, the photos on the page give you a face to the name. That’s me, Mr Saxby. These photos mean a great deal to me. One showing my graduation, the first step to becoming a teacher. The second shows me with some children I taught while in Ghana. I am passionate about teaching and learning and take pride in all the resources I post on the page.

An interesting fact about myself is that I can solve a Rubix cube in under 3 minutes, one day I will be below the 1-minute mark!

Our mission is to provide a whole host of free teaching and learning resources. The dream is to use this website as a platform for teachers, parents and children. We hope that by supplying free quality resources this will give teachers more time to teach and parents an idea of how to help at home.
Arnold is the name of the Red Apple you will see all over the site and in the resources. Like you, Arnold loves to learn and has travelledĀ around the world! Make sure you check out Arnolds Adventures to see what he’sĀ been up to.
The idea of the website is a place where anybody and everybody can download free teaching and learning resources. We will not ask you to sign up, sign in, or pay money. All we ask is that you use the website to help you or your children learn and grow!